Homesick | Original

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Homesick | Original


Sometimes I find myself


for a place

I do not know,

but somehow

have not


A 50 X 70 cm egg tempera and acrylic painting on a thickly cradled wooden panel.

I made this painting last autumn, and it reflects on something that has been filling my mind over the last year. 
After yet another argument with my flatmates, the feeling of homesickness creeped into me. But what was I missing? The endless fights with my mom? The criticism of my grandparents? No. But if not, when had I really l ever felt truly home? Maybe.. I had always been happiest when being alone. So maybe it is time to stop expecting others to make me happy, and find home within myself.
I've waited so long to publish it since the time never felt right. But today I packed up all my things. And I write this with my paintings in the backseat and my heart in my stomach and Madrid on the horizon.

A new beginning, again, this time all alone.
Will I find home this time?
Who knows...

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