Artist statement


My work is inspired by my lifelong anxiety, and fear of expressing my feelings, especially the negative ones, for fear of being judged and ridiculed. I’ve long since recognised that I’m definitely not alone in this phobia. My works represent what we hide inside and the worries that we often don’t dare to put into words. The feeling of nobody listening, of nobody caring, the dread of death, the feeling of not knowing how to act, and the unsuccessful search for meaning.

My paintings blend figuration with abstraction. The figurative parts symbolise the composed appearance that we put on for show, and the uncontrollable abstraction represents the unpredictability, and the lurking chaos of the world.

At first, my melancholic portraits helped me to express myself, like writing how you feel down on paper, in order to better understand yourself. However, writing isn’t one of my strong points, so instead, I painted. After a while I realised that I wasn’t the only one who identified with my paintings, as I started to receive stories and comments by people who felt just as affected as I was. It was incredible to see my paintings help people to get over their hard times. 

In this day and age, people share only the best parts of their lives over multiple channels of social media. You’re always one click away from pages and pages full of apparently perfect people living perfect lives, with perfect jobs and perfect relationships. This leaves the average person feeling inadequate

I didn’t want to contribute to these deceptions by painting yet more happy people, you can log on to Facebook to see that; I wanted to create art that is compassionate, understanding and forgiving. They offer solace to whoever needs it, and provide a fictional character with whom to share the burden of life.

0074_Melancholia_small v2.jpg